Club Sports/Field Staff Positions

The Club Sports/Field Staff supervise our outdoor fields and all events, including club practices & events, external reservations, and open recreation. This staff is responsible for managing a safe and pleasant atmosphere for participants. No experience is needed to start; just the willingness to learn, positive attitude, professionalism, ability to help others, network, and grow.

Entry Level Positions

Field Assistant
  • Position responsibilities consist of supervising the outdoor field areas, addressing the needs and concerns of patrons, and assisting with any necessary set-up for reservations.
  • The field assistants are responsible for identifying and addressing any hazards in order to maintain a safe playing environment.
  • These staff also have the opportunity to cross train as Intramural Staff Assistant and Late Night Dance Staff.

Promotional Opportunities

Program Assistant for Club Sports
  • Position responsibilities include assisting the Assistant Director of Club Sports & Special Events in various office responsibilities.
  • On a day-to-day basis, the Program Assistant will primarily assist with the scheduling of Field Assistants, following up with payroll procedures, training newly hired staff, data entry and analysis, and updating documents and calendars.
  • Support the Club Sports Program, while researching and offering insight on potential improvements to existing policies and processes.