CRAC Minutes – November 2016

CAMPUS RECREATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE 2016-2017 Wednesday, November 9th, 2016; 4 PM, Large Conference Room at the ARC 1. Introduction a. Welcome &Thank you b. Introduction for Members who weren’t able to make it to first meeting. 2. Open Question Forum a. Anyone not on the committee will have time (5 minutes) to ask questions or voice concerns 3. Old Business a. Presentation of Site + Policies & Signage (update) Jess & Melissa i. It has all been updated on the web, but not within the facilities; we have a major painting project going on and would like to take down the old signage, paint, and then put up the new signage b. Big Ten Schools & student fees comparison – Jess i. Jessica Gentry shared the charts and noted that comparing these are not apples to apples, as noted in the “Notes” section. Not all schools have a similar set up to us—some are under Athletics, some are under an academic unit. Other programs don’t have the facilities or staffing that we do. Given those that we would compare ourselves to (Maryland, Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, Ohio State, and Nebraska), we rank 5th highest in fees. 4. New Business a. Introduction of New Staff – Ella Bailey & Lauren Wheeler i. Ella Bailey—Sponsorship and Outreach, works within Marketing and Promotions ii. Lauren Wheeler—Ice Arena Specialist b. SFAC student fee update – Diane i. We did not receive an increase for the 7th year in a row. We were asked to review our student employee pay rates in anticipation of a minimum wage increase. c. Updates for the Spring Semester i. Spring Program Prices 1. This spring, we will be reviewing our programming fees. It will be discussed with the Advisory Board next semester for their review and discussion ii. Purchase of New Fitness Equipment 1. New dumbbells, new weight bars, and new cycles have been purchased and will be available in the spring semester. We have also doubled some of our fitness class equipment and made some programs partner based to increase participation in classes iii. Directors’ Intern 1. This fall, Jamil’s main project was to lpan a diversity training for Campus Recreation, as well as DRES, Housing, Illini Union, Parking, McKinley, and the Champaign Park District. He worked to bring trainer, Fabian DeRozario, on campus and will spend the remainder of this semester and into spring planning a week long training with an expansion of these areas and their staff 5. Questions/Comments/Concerns 6. Upcoming Meeting i. Next Spring Semester

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