Refer to this page to find answers to your most pressing questions regarding COVID-19 health and safety precautions at Campus Rec.

Your safety, and that of our staff, is our top priority, and we have implemented health and safety guidelines set by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the University of Illinois. Many of our services, amenities, and activities will shift as health and safety guidelines continue to change, and some of our spaces may enact capacity limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We continue to update this page with questions and answers, so check back often. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns that this page does not address.

Which facilities are open? Which facilities are closed?

  • Open by appointment/reservation only: ARC facility, ARC Adventure Center and Climbing Wall, and the Campus Bike Center.
  • Closed: ARC Outdoor Pool, Outdoor Playfields and Complex Fields, all CRCE facilities, Ice Arena, and the Illini Grove (some facilities may be open for Campus Rec programming and COVID-19 testing only)

The hours of operation for all open Campus Rec facilities can be found on the Current Hours of Operation page. Refer to that page for the latest updates about facility hours.

Is a reservation required to access the ARC?

Starting Monday, November 30, online reservations will be required to access all spaces in the ARC, including cardio and weight areas. To read more about this new reservation system, visit the Facility Access page.

Facility Access

How will members gain entry to the facility?

Members will enter through the main entrance off of Peabody Drive. Use the doors on the left side of the main entrance to enter. The doors located on the right will only be used as exits. To gain access to the workout areas, members will be required to swipe their iCard and present verification of their Building Access via the Safer Illinois app. Starting November 30, members should also have an online reservation to access all spaces in the ARC. To learn about this reservation system, refer to the Facility Access page.

What are the capacity limits for each area and how long are the reservable time blocks?

Refer to the Facility Access page for capacity limits and information on time blocks for each space.

How do I make a reservation?

  1. Visit the Online Reservation Portal and login with your username and password.
  2. If you don’t have a username or password, click “Do not have a login?” You will be prompted to enter your Member Number (UIN; can be found on your iCard) and Date of Birth.
  3. Once logged in, click “Scheduler” then select the space you want to reserve. You will have the choice between “Adventure Recreation,” “Aquatics,” “ARC Workout Spaces,” “Bike Center,” and “Court Reservations.”
  4. Select the specific space you want to reserve and then choose a date and time you would like to make a reservation.
  5. After adding desired reservation to your cart, your complete booking details will appear. Click “continue.” You may continue shopping if you would like to make additional reservations. When done making reservations, click “continue to cart.” 
  6. Your reservation is now confirmed. Take a screenshot your reservation. Confirm and/or cancel your reservation by clicking Account Home -> Account Information -> Reservation Report.
Make a Reservation

What are the hours of operation for ARC?

The hours of operation for all Campus Rec facilities can be found on the Current Hours of Operation page. Refer to that page for the latest updates about facility hours.

Hours of Operation

Will my membership be valid upon arrival?

Student Members

All students taking 6 or more credit hours, whether virtual or in-person, will be assessed the Student Service Fee for the Spring 2021 term. This gives student access to Campus Rec facilities starting on Tuesday, January 19 through the end of the Spring semester.

Non-Student Members

Spring 2021 non-student memberships will start on Tuesday, January 19. Learn more about purchasing a Membership on the Membership Fee page.


For questions about your membership, email Member Services at or call us at (217) 333-3806.

Are locker and/or locker rentals available?

The State of Illinois’ Tier 3 Mitigations requires the ARC to close the locker rooms and access to individual/rented lockers starting Friday, November 20. The restrooms at the entrance to the locker rooms will remain open, but the rest of the locker room will be closed. If you have personal belongings you would like to retrieve, please stop by ARC Member Services during open hours of operation and a staff member will escort you. Questions regarding lockers can be directed to Member Services at or (217) 333-3806.

What policies are you implementing to keep members safe?

  • Face masks will be required at ALL TIMES when using Campus Recreation facilities, even while exercising.
  • Masks are required on the pool deck. However, you may remove your mask upon entry to the water. When you exit the water, you must put your mask back on.
  • When outdoors, masks are required if you are sharing equipment of any kind or when social distance of six feet cannot be maintained.
  • Exhalation valve masks and face shields will not be permitted. 

What are your expectations of members?

The safety of our employees and our members is a shared responsibility. As such, we expect all patrons to:

  • Stay home or go home if they feel ill or present any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Wear a face mask per University mandate at ALL TIMES and that all facility policies, rules, and guidelines are followed:
    • Wear masks at all times
    • Patrons will be asked to comply with guidance and direction provided by staff
    • Wash hands often following CDC recommendations
    • Wipe down equipment before and after each use with wipes / disinfectant provided
    • Observe physical distancing of 6ft or more
    • Avoid physical contact (high fives, hand shakes, basketball games, etc)
    • Respect and follow safety procedures, guidelines, directional signage, and instructions from employee & pro staff

Are masks required?

Per University policy, masks or alternative mouth/face coverings (ex. gaiters) must be worn indoors at ALL TIMES.

What amenities are not available?

Following guidance from the CDC, IDPH, and University, the following will not be available until further notice:

  • Locker rooms and locker rentals
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Vending machines (drinks and snacks are available for purchase at the Member Service desk)
  • Drinking fountains; only contactless bottle fillers will be available for use. We encourage members to bring their own refillable, reusable bottles
  • Towel service (both in our locker rooms and throughout the facilities). We encourage members to bring their own towel(s).
  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
  • Non-single stalled showers
  • Stretching mats

What facility access options are not available?

Following guidance from the IDPH, CDC, and the University, guest passes and children passes will not be available until further notice.

Which cardio machines are available?

  • About half of our machines will be available in their normal locations to allow for appropriate social distancing between members while working out. 
  • In order to perform enhanced cleaning, certain areas and equipment may be temporarily unavailable or out-of-service.
  • Members should wipe down equipment after each use (disinfecting wipes will be available throughout the facility).
  • Members should remain in their workout stations to cool down and only leave that station when they feel safe and comfortable donning a mask.
  • All floor fans will be removed from the activity areas and large ceiling fans will not be turned on.

What fitness equipment are available?

  • Weights and kettlebells, and a limited number of barbells will still be available on the floor.
  • Not all selectorized weight machines will be available each day.
  • Large stretching mats have been removed.
  • Foam and rumble rollers will not be available.
  • Members should remain in their workout stations to cool down and only leave that station when they feel safe and comfortable donning a mask.

Are racquetball / squash / handball / basketball / badminton courts open for use?

  • Badminton Courts are closed until further notice.
  • Racquetball and Squash Courts are open by reservation only
    • Reservations open 7 days in advance and time slots are available in 60-minute increments.
    • Solo play and individual use ONLY.  No doubles or multiple people allowed.
    • Face coverings are required in all courts at all times.
    • No fitness equipment is to be moved from the fitness floor into a court.
    • Equipment rental is not available at this time. Racquetballs and squash balls may be purchased at Member Services.
  • Basketball: Gym 2 available by reservation only
    • Reservations open 7 days in advance and time slots are available in 60-minute increments.
    • One person per hoop / half court only.
    • Face coverings are required in all courts at all times.
    • Equipment rental is not available at this time.
    • No spectators or rebounders allowed.
Make a Reservation

Are competitive sports (intramurals and sports clubs) being offered?

Information about intramurals can be found on the Intramurals page. Spring 2021 activities will be posted on the Intramural Calendar page. Club Sports practice information will be communicated directly to each club and all organizations must adhere departmental, University, and state guidelines.

Is the ARC Indoor Pool open?

Yes, the ARC Indoor Pool is open by online reservation. Refer to the Current Hours of Operation page for more information.

Are pick-up basketball and other Open Rec Sports (ex. pick-up basketball, group dance practices, or court sports, etc.) allowed?

Open Rec Sports will not be allowed until further notice.

Is the sauna at the ARC open?

The sauna is closed until further notice.

Are Group Fitness Classes available?

Group Fitness Classes will continue online only.

How many air changes per hour are there on the track and upstairs fitness machines?

We utilize a central air system, so the air is filtered and recycled throughout the facility.

Is there be a capacity limit for the ARC?

ARC will have varying capacity limits depending on current state guidelines. To see the current ARC capacity, visit the Live Facility Counts page. This page will also show a live capacity counts for each workout area in the ARC.