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executive summary

Robyn Deterding

Our Job Is Far Beyond Our Role

Our role – to fulfill the purpose of the organization – is so much more than what you think we do or what you might think about when you hear the title Campus Recreation.  So for us to say “it’s not our job” isn’t in our DNA.  We want to overwhelm you, provide memorable experiences, and drive the bigger picture with our creativity and our list of successes.  And I think you will find just that as you look through this year’s End of the Year Report. 

Sure, we have the to-do lists, the buffet of issues and challenges, and the tasks that could take over the importance of the bigger picture.  But it is our willingness to step up to each challenge and recognize that success comes because we realize our job, our actual job, is to create wins for our members, our campus and our community. 

So you will see, we know what the real job is.  We know as leaders for this campus, we will take ownership of a bigger picture, a larger mission, and we work to advance that. 

We shine, we soar, and we grow – each and every time.  It is the role that we embrace and the action that follows which shows our true passion.  And again this year, we’ve done just that. 

If you don’t know about Campus Recreation, I hope this report will open your eyes to what an unlimited organization we are.  So “not our job?”  Not in our house.  Enjoy!

Robyn Deterding

        - Robyn M. Deterding

Strategic Plan

Vision: There is a place for everyone at Campus Recreation.

Mission: Campus Recreation provides a welcoming environment with sustainable facilities and programs that inspire the University community to engage in recreation and wellness opportunities.

Values: Innovation; Collaboration; Leadership; Student Experience; Inclusiveness


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New Hires

Full Time

  • Diane Dean, Associate Director Financial Operations
  • Darce Dillavou, Accountant Tech II
  • Nick Singer, Assistant Director Intramural Activities
  • Brittany McGregor, Assistant Director Club Sports & Special Events
  • Louie Diaz, Playfield Maintenance

    Graduate Assistants for 2015-2016

  • Eric Nurczyk, Marketing
  • Corie Baldwin, Aquatics
  • Carson Petersheim, Events & Facility Scheduling
  • Delaney Cherveny, Ice Arena