Campus Recreation goals in ( ).

S - Sustainability
D - Diversity
SD - Student Development
HLB - Health and Life Balance
A - Assessment


Foster Collaboration, Discovery and Innovation

Smart Energy Design Assistance Center - retro commissioning analysis & project for CRCE and ARC auxiliary shared trades review (S)

La Casa 40th Year Anniversary Committee (D)

Collaborative and Inclusive Programming with Beckwith Hall (D/SD)

Assist with transfer of Illinois Wellness Center Director to University Human Resources (H&LB)

Assist with opening of Campus Recreation Wellness Suite (H&LB)

Serve on Chancellor's Diversify Illinois Task Force, assist with Faculty-Staff Conversations and Senior Leader Summit (D)

Public Safety - implementation of new camera system at CRCE (S)

Office of the Dean of Students - hosted Emergency Call Center Training and Verbal De-escalation Training by Dr. Schlosser, Police Training Institute (H & LB)

Present at the SUCSS Merit Board Hearing in review of civil service position audits (S)

Purchased a Keylog as part of the water recreation equipment options for aquatics and adventure recreation programming. Offered numerous demonstrations and drop-in opportunities, as well as a two, three week clinics. (D)

Implementing Learning Outcomes Assessment on Campus Recreation Student Employees with Faculty from Labor and Employee Relations. Initial Results were collected in the Spring. Currently working on second collection (SD)

Working with i-cap – (SD, HLB, S)

Collaborated with the Department of Recreation, Sport & Tourism on a survey on needs assessment of our members with disabilities. Ongoing. (SD)

Established the ARC Fitness & Wellness Suite so Fitness & Wellness related students and professional staff and partners can work together and provide clear resources to students. (SD, HLB, S)

Established a partnership with the Masters of Public Health program and connected to the IHealth program for future collaborations. (SD, HLB)

Provided successful Strive for Five Wellness Challenge in collaboration with Housing Dining Services and Masters of Public Health (SD, HLB)

Group Fitness offered end-of-the-semester pool deck cycling classes and a wellness event on Reading Day by working with DJ Karol, Student Wellness and Aquatics. (HLB)

Personal Training helped pilot Kinesus personal training software with developer; trained staff on how to utilize this software to better develop personal training programs (HLB)

The Fitness & Wellness Suite provided space for the U of I Extension Financial Wellness partner to provide education and training for students. (SD, HLB)

Career Fairs hosted:
· Business (2)
· Engineering Expo (2)
· Engineering Career Services (2)
· All Campus Career Fair
· Graduate and Professional Fair



transformative learning

Collaborated with Registered Student Organization, Swimmables, to develop a program designed to provide an swimming instruction for community youth with developmental disabilities. (D)

Coordinated a student team of two females and two males to travel to Orlando, Florida in March to compete in the inaugural National Collegiate Battlefrog competition. Three of the team members were current Adventure Recreation staff. The team did a great job representing the University of Illinois. (SD)

Searched for, recruited and hired a graduate assistant for the aquatics program. (SD)

Re-established a program assistant position with the Adventure Recreation program, providing for additional leadership and professional development opportunity for student staff members. (SD)

Began initial planning efforts to program an all Campus Recreation student staff active shooter live scenario training. (SD)

Instructor - RST 340 Facility Management and Design (SD)

Instructor - EPSY 203 Intergroup Dialogue on Being White in a Multi-Cultural Society (SD)

Latina/o Family Visit Day Committee (11th year) (SD, D)

Interns - Recreation, Sport & Tourism (RST), Public Health etc. (SD, S)

Conference on Diversity Issues - Presentation on Inter Group Dialogue Classes with Counseling Center and OIIR Staff (D, SD)

Assist with Al Sapora Symposium and Recreation Employee Fair (SD, S)

Two staff attended year-long Women's Leadership Program (S)

Attendance and support of Inclusive Illinois speaker series (S, D)

Assist with Vice President Biden visit & "It's On Us" Campaign (SD, S)

Campus Rec noted as 97% successful with international students as reported by the International Student Barometer Survey (SD, A, S)

Kinesiology/Lifetime Fitness Program and Campus Recreation implementation of Silver Sneakers to campus (S, D, H&LB)

Hosted Sled Hockey exhibition and hands-on participation (S, D, SD)

School of Social Work - class presentation (S, D, SD)

Significant increase in participation in the ARC Instructional Kitchen

Continue to be creative and innovative with sponsorship opportunities

Continued focus on Student Development, partnering with the Leadership Center and other campus resources toward updating our training sessions based and learning outcomes and assessment


Make a significant and visible societal and community impact

Latina/o Family Visit Day Committee (S, D, SD)

3C - Campus, Community, Connection - 4 Recreation Sport Tourism interns working with campus and community to develop an introduction to campus for under-represented youth. (S, D, SDD, H &LB)

Division of Intercollegiate Athletics Collaboration with Athletic Trainers and use of pools (S, SD)

Serve on Public Safety Advisory Committee (S)

Serve on Family Assistance Center development (S, H&LB)

Serve on Smoke-Free Illinois Committee (S, SD, H &LB)

Implemented Campus Recreation Cares Program - encouraging state to volunteer together in the community (S, SD, H&LB)

Campus Recreation food drive (Staff Olympics); Holiday Family - community service work (S, SD, H & LB)

Stakeholder Meetings to share Ice Arena feasibility study (S, SD, A)

Fitness/Wellness partnered with the Vice Chancellors Office to be a key contributor for the Illini Wellness Week event

Offered Run Illini Run program for members and students that wanted to train for the Illinois Marathon events. Partnered with McKinley and Body and Sole for educational sessions related to this program.

Orchard Downs Swim, October 10, 2014. Provided CRCE pool & lifeguards free of charge for usage to members of Orchard Downs community

Beckwith Swim, September 11, 2014. Provided CRCE pool, lifeguards, wet classroom, soda and pizza free of charge to members of the Beckwith community

Latino Family Visit Day, October 19, 2014. Partnered with La Casa Cultural Latina to provide space and staff for Latina/o Family Visit Day program. Campus Recreation programmed activities at CRCE for young siblings in attendance. ARC Gym 1, Winter Garden, Auditorium, MP6, & MP7 and CRCE Pool, Wet Meeting Room & Mac Gym

Chinese Student Focus Groups. Worked with two native Chinese students on campus to conduct focus groups, in Chinese, with other Chinese students to see how Campus Rec is meeting their needs – Great information obtained, currently working through the best way to implement suggestions into departmental programs.

Weathering the Winter Program. November 7, 2014. Partnership with McKinley Special Populations Program and Graduate Assistants. Provided Ice Arena lobby space and ice time to promote winter safety needs to special populations, mainly international students that may be unaware of such dangers.

Beckwith Skate, December 11, 2014. Provided Ice Arena ice time and cookies free of charge to members of the Beckwith community

Hire a Vet Series. Partnership with Career Center to provide a series of 5 information sessions targeted to Vets on campus to help them gain employment during and after graduation. Events took place January-March 2015.

Chinese New Year Event, February 18, 2015. Partnership with Chinese Students and Scholars Association. Provided ARC MP and Instructional Kitchen Space and Staff, games and food sampling typically associated with the Chinese New Year.

Intensive English Institute, April 10, 2015. Provided ARC Instructional Kitchen space and staff for event

Noteworthy Events:

· Illinois Marathon: Expo, Packet Pickup, Pasta Feed
· State of Illinois LEGO Competition
· State of Illinois Robotics Competition
· Latino/a Youth Conference
· Latino/a Family Visit Day
· ISSS Indoor World Cup (fall and spring)
· Dad’s Association Tailgate
· President’s Office Tailgate
· Leadership Center Events & i-Programs hosted


Steward current resources and generate additional resources for strategic investment


Received the Green Office Award from the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment completing 21 of 22 required and bonus actions for the Certified Green Office Program.

Resurfacing of the CRCE aquatics center pool and hot tub.

Provided online facility maintenance & repair status for patrons and staff.

Auxillary shared trades review (S)

Rental of Outdoor Center to Bruce Nesbitt African American Cultural Center (S, D, SD)

Rental of Turf Fields to Illini Marching Band (S, D, SD)

Champaign County Visitor's Bureau - La Crosse and Soccer tournaments (S)

Late Night Dance Review (S, D, SD, H&LB)

Freer Pool Closure (S)

Review and revision of Membership Fees (S, SD, A)

Division of Intercollegiate Athletics - review of camps memo of understanding (S, A)

Transformed the former University of Illinois Wellness Center into the Campus Recreation Fitness & Wellness Suite to bring the fitness/wellness staff together to one location to better collaborate and partner on our efforts.

Facing 10% budget cuts, Supervising Assistant Directors will increase work study and decrease personnel budgets, reducing staff where possible without affecting safety or standard operating procedures. This may include opening facilities later, closing earlier, shortening programming schedules, reducing some activity space hours (i.e. pools, adventure rec), limiting collaborations that have a financial impact on the department.


Goals for

Work with OIIR to develop comprehensive diversity training for full time and student staff

Review current student employee training program and revise to meet the changing needs of our students and incorporate learning outcomes from Campus Conversations.

Create online facility audit check list

Creating longtterm maintenance plan and equipment replacement for Fields and Outdoor Courts

Involve students in plans surrounding the Student Wellness initiatives:

Partner with other Wellness related entities to develop collaborative wellness programs for students

Provide education-based Nutrition & Wellness programming for Students through a learning laboratory experience

Provide a learning laboratory experience to Dietetics and Wellness-focused students to help build the experience they will take away from the University of Illinois and into their careers

Increase opportunities for students to develop in the Fitness & Wellness field

Continue to be a wellness resource for students and find out how we can be a better Wellness Resource

Continue to be fiscally responsible as Budget expectations are communicated

Continue to be creative and innovative with sponsorship opportunities

Further develop Campus Recreation’s inclusive and diverse outreach efforts

Partner with DRES to provide better training to our student staff to provide better assistance to our students and members in wheelchairs – transfer to machines, pool lift, etc.

Renew partnership with ISSS to provide Ice Arena skate program during Welcome Week (did not occur in August 2014 due to Ice Arena closure)

Work with all activity areas to ensure the most divers and inclusive opportunities available

Evaluate position description for Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness and conduct search to hire

Maintain revenue generated from Group Fitness & Personal Training programs (approximately $300,000)

Incorporate diverse and inclusive opportunities into group fitness programs – ex. Women’s Only Group Fitness classes available to the students unable to participate in our other offerings due to religious/cultural beliefs