Committee Members

The main responsibility of the Campus Recreation Advisory Committee is to act as a vehicle for the expression of opinions and desires of students, faculty, and staff with regard to the competitive and leisure time recreation programs on this campus.

The committee’s other responsibilities are to:

  • advise the Director of Campus Recreation on the use of all recreational facilities, including the formulation of policy guidelines relative to the use of recreational facilities;
  • advise the Director on programs and policies for recreational usage;
  • review and make recommendations concerning the Campus Recreation budget;
  • and advise the Director on the development of an effective system of accountability by which the services and programs of Campus Recreation are monitored and evaluated.


November Meeting: Monday, November 26, 4-5pm, ARC Large Conference Room

CRAC Agenda 11.26.18


  • Sara Araghi
  • Rachel Mullen
  • Adam Perl
  • Margareta Sutarova

Faculty / Staff

  • Bethni Gill
    McKinley Health Center
  • Patty Pyrz
  • Rebecca Seymour
    Illini Union
  • Jeannette Weider
    University Housing
  • Dr. Ken Wilund
    Kinesiology and Community Health
  • Marcus Jackson, ex-officio
    Campus Recreation