Facility Rental Guidelines


Organized/group activities should be approved in advance by Campus Recreation schedulers or will be subject to the discretion of on duty management. Use of facilities for paid instructional or coaching purposes is prohibited with the exception of recognized Campus Recreation programs. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our Policies and Procedures.

Before the Event

Cancellation and No Show

To cancel a confirmed event, the group must notify Campus Recreation by emailing reservecampusrec@illinois.edu Monday-Friday during business hours. Events cancelled more than two weeks in advance will not incur a cancellation penalty. Events cancelled less than two weeks in advance may incur 50% of all rental charges.

Outdoor space reservations cancelled due to inclement weather within 24 hours of the event will not be charged. It is the patron’s responsibility to monitor the weather reports and notify Campus Recreation of any changes or cancellations to their reservation.

Reservations are considered a ‘no show’ when event participants fail to show up within thirty minutes after the start of the reservation. No-show groups forfeit the remainder of their reservation and will incur 100% of all rental charges.

Group Representative

The individual(s) listed on the space request will be responsible for all guests and should act as the representative in charge of the rental. If this individual will not be in attendance, another representative must be designated prior to the event. Please communicate relevant policies to your group prior to the event.

Special Requests

Groups should coordinate all requests for equipment or set-up not typical of the space reserved (tables/chairs, PA systems, bleachers, field lining, etc.) with Campus Recreation at least two weeks prior to the event. Fees may apply. Requests made within 72 hours of the event may incur additional costs.

Certificate of Insurance

Outside organizations having events within Campus Recreation facilities must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Board of Trustees as an additional insured. Read more about Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy.

Event Set Up


Campus Recreation requires Event Management staff for all reservations involving equipment setup and use. Additional facility staff will be required for any events scheduled outside of general operating hours. Specialty staffing such as officials, cooking instructors or fitness instructors must be arranged prior to the event and will incur additional fee.


Upon request, groups may bring in outside food/drinks. All outside food or drinks must be discussed with Campus Recreation prior to the event. In addition, groups must contact the office of Safety and Compliance by filling out the online form. Arrangements should be made prior to the event for special requests such as refrigeration, ice, etc. Campus Recreation does offer concession items for sale during facility hours and upon request for events outside building hours.

Catering Information

Groups may enlist the catering services of one of the University’s approved vendors. In addition, University Catering is an approved caterer and can be contacted at (217) 333-0126.


Decorations may not compromise public safety or create risk of property damage. They must not interfere with access to entrances/exits. Decorations must be free-standing, including signs. It is recommended you use quick release tape, packing tape, or poster putty for securing decorations. No signage is permitted without approval from the Assistant Director Facility Scheduling/Event Services. Please note that Campus Recreation does not supply extension cords, tape, power strips, or other supplies. The group is responsible for removing all decorations upon conclusion of the event.

The following decorations are NOT permitted:

  • Duct tape (on the floor or walls)
  • Glitter / Confetti
  • Open flame
  • Spray paint


    Groups may not put up promotional signage regarding their events within Campus Recreation facilities prior to or on the day of the event. Campus Recreation does have several promotional packages available for groups wishing to advertise their events. Contact Erik Riha (eriha@illinois.edu) for information. Handwritten signs are not allowed.

    During the Event


    All University participants must show a valid i-card for admittance to the event at the ARC or CRCE and upon request at outdoor fields.


    Space reserved for RSOs is intended to be for full-time University of Illinois students or Campus Recreation members. Participation by non students/members is prohibited unless permission is granted by Campus Recreation. The Assistant Director Facility Scheduling/Event Services will determine appropriate protocol for admissions for events sponsored by University departments or outside groups.


    It is essential for groups to be aware of campus parking regulations including rental spaces, meter enforcement and other restrictions. Visit parking.illinois.edu for more information. It is possible that special arrangements may be made with Campus Parking for off site or permit parking with advanced notice. Fees may apply. Campus Recreation is not responsible for parking citations.

    Additional Use of Facilities

    Renting Campus Recreation facilities also includes use of the locker room facilities and limited sports equipment. Additional needs such as tables/chairs, audio/visual equipment or special requests such as use of the video wall, or scoreboards service must be discussed prior to the event.

    After the Event


    Groups are responsible for ensuring that trash is disposed of properly upon the conclusion of the event or additional fees will be added for clean-up. For reservations involving the Instructional Kitchen, groups are responsible for cleanup, including dishes and equipment used, within the conclusion of the event or an additional fee will be charged.


    Unless other arrangements are made, Campus Recreation will send a final bill to the event contact upon conclusion of the event. For Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and University departments, Campus Recreation will transfer funds from the university account. Recognized Club Sports will be billed at the end of the semester for all hours exceeding those granted. Deposits may be required for special events. Fees for events will be based on the posted fee schedule. We can provide an estimate of total costs if you like.


    Groups are responsible for any damage which occurs as a result of improper behavior or misuse of equipment/facilities during the event. Group may be billed for costs associated with any special cleaning or maintenance required from damages.